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Experienced Representation Following A Motor Vehicle Accident

Annually, more than a million people die in road-related accidents in the U.S., from cars and motorcycles owned and operated individually to passenger carriers, trucks and buses representing commercial interests. Menendez Trial Attorneys in Coral Gables, Florida, offers experience across the complexities and nuances of all types of traffic cases, navigating federal and state regulations, insurance conditions, safety training requirements and many more compliance issues. When the safety of our clients is transgressed, we pursue legal reparations commensurate with the protections they deserve — past, present and future.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Can Cause Catastrophic Injuries

A motor vehicle wreck, whether it involves cars, trucks, motorcycles or pedestrians, can be devastating and cause lasting injuries that require intense care and lots of money.

Often after such an accident, insurance companies will try to drag things out or pay out the least amount possible, while those injured are left to tend to their health without serious help from those responsible. At Menendez Trial Attorneys, we take a trial-oriented approach. We believe it’s sometimes better to push forward and take these cases to trial, so that you are not left waiting for correspondence from insurance companies or third parties.

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