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Negligent Security Can Lead To Serious Injuries

In these days of increased public vulnerability, people are often exposed to dangerous conditions in the places they live, shop and play. Perimeter and landscaping control, routine inspections for defects and hazardous conditions, warning signage, cameras, lighting, and security personnel all play a role in protecting invitees on a property. Yet, while businesses are responsible for keeping their premises and parking facilities reasonably safe, frequently businesses cut corners and fail to adequately implement or maintain the means to keep their customers and residents secure, leaving them at high risk for injury or death.

From pain and suffering to medical bills, lost wages and reduced earning capacity, Menendez Trial Attorneys fights for the victims of inadequate security and holds businesses accountable, exposing any negligence they inflict on others.

Protecting Your Rights And Safety

Negligent security can lead to situations that can significantly harm your safety and well-being. A blind spot in security can lead to assault, whether it’s physical or sexual, as well as serious injury. Hotels, parking ramps and other spaces in Florida that should be under the supervision of security have a duty to residents to make sure that such negative actions are prevented.

If you have been injured or hurt and suspect that it may have occurred due to inadequate security, we are happy to work with you and determine your legal course of action.

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